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Healthy Dry Crawlspaces

"All Building Science Experts Now Say That Vented 

Dirt Crawlspaces Are A Bad idea!"

The Solution:

  1. Clean and Seal Wood Underfloor
  2. Install permanent crawlspace floor liner
  3. Installation of permanent commercial Dehumidification system

I have been involved in many aspects of the Indoor Air Quality business and Healthy Homes for over 30 years. Due to the nature of crawlspace homes in our coastal areas, such as sandy soil, hot humid climate, and air conditioning, I believe the Turners Underseal system is ideally suited to fixing your crawlspace and keeping it dry. It is all about you breathing healthy air.

-Chris Turner 

Healthy Attics

Most attics are not conditioned, making them vulnerable to contaminant and mold throughout the year. In our hot humid summers and especially with air conditioning ducts in the attic, dew point can cause condensation to build up on many surfaces. This is why many attics have odors. Turners Underseal protects the wood and makes it moisture, mold, and mildew resistent permanently.


(Video below demonstrates capillary action of our wood sealer on  a piece of rope.  Turners Underseal is elastomeric and one treatment is all you need to protect any porous surface.)

Turners Underseal is a professional-grade polymeric water proofing sealer for wooden articles including attics, crawlspaces, docks, decks, fencing, pallets, millwork, framing trusses, framing, lumber, engineered lumber, other articles used in above ground applications.

Turners Underseal penetrates deep into the wooden surface to provide long lasting and virtually indestructible water repellent protection that is not affected by weather or sunlight. Turners Underseal prevents chloride ion intrusion and efforescence. When cured, this fast-drying coating is mold and mildew resistant.

  • Contains EPA registered preservatives
    specially blended to provide long-term protection
  • Water Resistant
    formulated to withstand exposure to moisture contact
  • Evironmentally Friendly
    non-hazardous to apply and use

Preparation to Install Dehumidification System with new protective body suits below:

preperation for Dehumidifier Install

FREE Crawlspace Moisture Meter Inspections

Moisture meter - 400 pix

Current News

Indoor Air Quality tip:  Always use semi-gloss paint on the walls of your bathrooms for better air quality.

We are getting fantastic results from the Installation of our Commercial Crawlspace Dehumidification System. Due to year around humidity from dirt crawlspaces in our area, our dehumidifiers improve air quality for the entire home. Keep it dry from the bottom up.

Did you know that moisture pouring into your home from the dirt crawlspace is a major cause of wood floor cupping? Your air conditioning system also has to work harder because of the moisture.

"One thing that I have noticed directly after we have applied Turners Underseal wood sealer in crawlspaces is how much better everything smells."  Chris Turner

Here is another very good reason never to put spray foam insulation in a crawlspace.  If  termites, especially the aggressive Formosan termites were to infest the subfloor, an inspector would never be able to see the evidence with the wood covered in foam.


It is sometimes necessary to have our ducted dehumidifier to dry out a wet crawlspace before treatment, as in this case.

It is sometimes necessary to have our ducted dehumidifier to dry out a wet crawlspace before treatment, as in this case.


Michale and Colleen Martin 1200
Martin final 1200

Crawlspace treatment in Avondale during high tide


For over 30 years we have worked in many aspects of the indoor air quality business.



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