Welcome to Turners Underseal

Don’t encapsulate! Our Dry System is a better solution for your crawlspace moisture issues.

Welcome to Turners Underseal

Don’t encapsulate! Our Dry System is a better solution for your crawlspace moisture issues.


Let us help you treat and prevent mold problems.

Dry Crawlspace

Our unique methods give you a uniquely dry crawlspace.

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Many areas of the southeastern United States have unique problems. Not only are there relatively high levels of humidity and periods of extremely wet weather throughout the year, but there are also high water tables in much of these areas. An additional problem is the presence of red clay which does not drain water very well. Buildings with crawlspaces can experience many types of issues when you combine these factors that can damage them and have major effects on your health. The constant presence of moisture in the soil can increased the levels in the wood surfaces leading to mold growth. Here at Turners Underseal, we have solutions that can ensure you are left with a dry crawlspace and removes the moisture that leads to these concerns.

Instantly test for mold in your crawlspace

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Because high humidity levels create ideal conditions for mold growth, our services offer preventative measures.


We can dry out your crawlspace so it is clean, safe, and protects your home.

Indoor Air Quality

Our comprehensive dry air system allows for improved indoor air quality.

Keep it Dry! Dehumidify!

With our unique methods, we are able to protect the entire crawlspace by removing excess humidity. If you have been looking at crawlspace encapsulation, we invite you to consider our methods, which are more protective and comprehensive. More importantly, we don’t cover up the problem, we remove it. Please give us a call today for a free thorough inspection and quite as well as an honest quote recommendation to the best solution for your crawlspace problems!


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What we at Tuners Underseal offer to resolve these many problems is simple in concept, but sophisticated in execution. We utilize our special multi-point, dry air distribution system in combination with other strategic changes to ensure that every corner of your crawlspace benefits from the dry, clean air.


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