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Keep it Dry - Dehumidify!

"All Building Science Experts Now Say That Vented 

Dirt Crawlspaces Are A Bad idea!"

The Solution:

  1. Installation of permanent commercial Dehumidification System to dry everything out & keep it dry permanently
  2. Sanitize, clean and seal all wood under flooring
  3. Our appropriate size area liner is installed below dehumidifier to protect it and help create vapor drive condition for the whole space

I have been involved in many aspects of the Indoor Air Quality business and Healthy Homes for over 30 years. The Raleigh, NC area and Southeast coastal areas such as Jacksonville, Fl have one big thing in common: significant water table issues. Raleigh has clay soil and many springs so consequently builders, for many years, have preferred houses on crawlspaces. Other coastal areas oftentimes have problems with rising water tables from storms, etc. Either way, these issues make crawlspace houses very vulnerable to moisture damage and resulting microbial increase such as mold in the house. I believe the Turners Underseal System is ideally suited to fixing your crawlspace problems and keeping it dry permanently. It's all about you breathing healthy air. - Chris Turner -

preperation for Dehumidifier Install

Technician Preparing to install Dehumidifier System with drainage and area liner

turners new for after photo in header

Our Unique Ducted Dry System with ducting designed to fit in almost any tight crawlspace

Dry  System installation with bad mold problem – This is Turners Underseal, we have a situation in a crawlspace where we just installed our Dry System. The wood here has really been wet, so we are going to have to dry it out for a couple of weeks. You can see the growth on the wood here, it’s going to take at couple of weeks to dry this out and then we can sanitize and clean all this up and put our permanent tinted wood sealer on the wood.

Now here is our Turners Underseal Dry System which has two ducts on it and has our sound suppression box on it so you should not here it in the home. So now we can come back in about two weeks and all the wood will be sealed with Turnersunderseal.com.

 Our installed ducted dehumidifier after remodel contractor removed damaged subfloor.

Our installed ducted dehumidifier after remodel contractor removed damaged subfloor.

Moist Crawlspaces could be hazardous to your health

ALL dirt crawlspaces are moist because of ground water evaporation and foundation vents.

Dust mites, mold and other toxins are the most common allergens present in high humidity environments.

You MUST keep the relative humidity below 50% to solve these problems! 

Crawlspace moisture is your enemy and we need to stop it


Turners Underseal is a professional-grade polymeric water proofing sealer for wooden articles including attics, crawlspaces, docks, decks, fencing, pallets, millwork, framing trusses, framing, lumber, engineered lumber, other articles used in above ground applications.

Turners Underseal penetrates deep into the wooden surface to provide long lasting and virtually indestructible water repellent protection that is not affected by weather or sunlight. Turners Underseal prevents chloride ion intrusion and efforescence. When cured, this fast-drying coating is mold and mildew resistant.

  • Contains EPA registered preservatives
    specially blended to provide long-term protection
  • Water Resistant
    formulated to withstand exposure to moisture contact
  • Evironmentally Friendly
    non-hazardous to apply and use

Hear what Rita Walton has to say about her Dehumidifying System

Hear what Marti Hampton has to say about her Dehumidifying System

See Failed Encapsulation below from one of our competitors

gaps n holes

The entire industry of “crawlspace  encapsulation “ is based on one main point: the entire crawlspace is sealed off from the outside and from the ground with plastic. However, this is completely untrue. Every “encapsulated” Crawlspace I have ever seen has many leaks and that is a huge problem. The installed plastic causes a large buildup of a toxic stew underneath releasing all of the resulting contaminants right into the crawlspace and into the house. How is it possible that this idea ever got popular? “Encapsulation “is one of the biggest gimmicks in the history of residential construction. Chris Turner

Marti Hampton says "Don't encapsulate your Crawlspace - Keep it Dry with Turner's underseal


Crawlspace treatment in Avondale during high tide


It is sometimes necessary to have our ducted dehumidifier to dry out a wet crawlspace before treatment, as in this case.


Michale and Colleen Martin 1200

This is before insulation removal and Wood Sanitizing

Martin final 1200

After application of our permanent wood sealer


We work in the tightest of crawlspaces


For over 30 years we have worked in many aspects of the indoor air quality business.



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