Our multi-point dry system is better than encapsulation

These guys are straightforward! They came out and inspected our crawlspace and made recommendations that made sense. No high-pressure sales!! We agreed on a system, and it was installed in one day! By the next day, the humidity in the crawlspace was down 10%. I’m impressed so far, but it takes time to get it where it needs to be. I’m looking forward to less humidity in the house and breathing cleaner air! I definitely recommend them if you are having any moisture issues in your crawlspace. Call and ask for Chris.

-Paul G.

I highly recommend Turners Underseal. We had major condensation in our crawlspace (basically, it was raining under our house). Our wood floors buckled severely throughout, and there was a horrible musty smell. Three days after the installation, our doors started to close easily. The musty smell began to dissipate after a week, and after 7 weeks, the wood floors settled back into place. So pleased with the outcome; I can’t thank them enough!

-Christina W.

Turners Underseal put a dehumidifier in my crawlspace to combat the ever-present moisture. We moved into our house 5 years ago and have had sinus issues along with a cough and runny nose since we moved in. Chris tested for moisture and mold in the crawlspace and felt like this method would make a substantial difference. He was right! We can already tell the changes in the air quality. The moisture is now around 50% in the crawlspace, and the air quality in the house reflects it. You should call Chris, so he can give you the same service…very happy!

-Joe M.

I live in Avondale in a 96-year-old bungalow that was having some problems with mildew developing on one wall of the house. After reading up on Turners Underseal, I contacted Chris who was very knowledgeable & helpful in explaining how they could put down a liner on the crawlspace under the house, install a dehumidifier, & seal all the vents. I had the work completed last week and couldn’t have been more pleased with Jimmy, the installer who somehow was able to get the dehumidifier in and operating in an extremely tight space due to all the pipes under the house. So far, I’ve noticed that my wood floors are much warmer which will be especially appreciated in winter, and now I’m hopeful that my mildew problem will also be solved.

-Phil S.

Chris and his team did an amazing job! His team was prompt and courteous. No fuss, no worry, and very clean. They worked around my schedule to make things hassle free. I’m glad I chose Turner Underseal! They made a big difference in my basement and crawlspace! Well worth the investment.

-Mary L.

As a State of Florida Licensed and Certified Contractor, I have seen many, many off-grade homes in the North Florida area that have been negatively impacted due to overly wet crawlspaces. There are too many reasons to list here as to why these crawlspaces got wet or stayed wet, but in my experience, a damp crawlspace will undoubtedly lead to extensive damage (at extensive cost), all the while risking homeowners to exposure to unhealthy air quality in the living space above. No home is airtight, but older homes built with crawlspaces allow way more air intrusion opportunities than a slab-on-grade built home. I have discussed this issue at length with Chris Turner, and I am more than satisfied that the solutions provided by Turners Underseal in these instances, provides the best results for long-term stabilization and control of the environment under your home. Controlling the moisture in and around (and under) your home is the very best way to avoid costly repairs down the road, and in turn, will protect and ensure good indoor air quality.

-K H.

Turners Underseal did an outstanding job; it was very difficult, the space was limited, it’s tough getting in and out, and there was a lot of water build-up. They resolved the problem with the permanent ducted dry system. They also installed the permanent super sump pump. They went above and beyond to get the job done.

-Dennis M.

I now know dirt crawlspaces are unhealthy. I didn’t know it before. Chris Turner fixed our crawlspace and cleaned and sealed all the wood. Our family has had health issues that we now know could have been related to the space. Thank you, Chris Turner, for helping us take care of our air quality problems at one of our bank branches and our home.

-Chuck H.

Chris, I would like to thank you again for such a great product and service. After moving into our new house, the hardwood floors began popping when walking around after only a few months. Since we have a 40” crawlspace, you suggested your system, and after only three weeks, nearly all of the popping has stopped and the whole house is much more comfortable. Our air conditioning unit runs less frequently, and we are fully satisfied. I would recommend your service and product to anyone, thanks again!

-Gilbert W.

We just had our crawlspace treated by Chris Turner. The work was done professionally and timely. My wife and I have been suffering from the bad air that has gone on for quite some time. Your remediation process, along with the crawlspace liner, has removed the contaminants and humidity making our home much safer. We are very pleased and would recommend the process to others who have a damp crawlspace with musty odors. It was well worth the investment.

-Tom and Bev B.

We had Turners Underseal close off our crawlspace and put a dehumidifier down there over a year ago. Our home remains perfectly cool, and we have not had any issues ever since!

-Greg H.

My parents (Terry and Sheila M.) recently had Turners Underseal install their dry system in their damp, moldy crawlspace. They decided on Turners’ system rather than the encapsulation method because a neighbor had done the encapsulation method a few months ago. The neighbor now has a returning dampness and mold between the encapsulation and floor and foundation. The crew installing the underseal system was competent and fast in the installation and cleaned up nicely upon leaving. Now, just waiting for the system to do its job and eliminate the moisture and mold. Highly recommend!

-Shannon S.

My husband and I have been exploring options for the crawlspace under our home and have done quite a bit of research. Not only does Turners Underseal makes a lot of sense, it is also economical. Staff is friendly and responsive. When we are ready to move forward, we will be going with Turners Underseal.


Chris and his crew did a wonderful job; I’m extremely happy!!! He informed me of the whole process of what the job entailed. They were on time for each appointment made and always cleaned up afterwards. I highly recommend them.

-Jill B.

The Turners Underseal team is knowledgeable, professional and experienced. The cleaning and sealing of the crawlspace were completed in a timely manner.

-Mark S.

The Turners Underseal system reduced all of the moisture underneath my house. I can definitely tell the quality of air. I am very satisfied.

-James P.

I was very happy with the work provided by Turners Underseal. They were very professional when they cleaned up plumbing overflow from a broken pipe and sanitized the entire space, including the wood, and then sealed the wood. I am very impressed with the dry system. I would highly recommend this company.

-Janet B.

Turners Underseal is worth every penny. It made our house smell fresh and clean. It is comforting to know that we are not breathing the mold that was under our house. Chris was thorough and professional and helped us through the decision-making process. Having a clean crawlspace will add value to your home. Highly recommend!

-Frances P.

Chris Turner and crew -Thank you for the outstanding job that you did on our crawlspace. You all worked so well in such a tight place. The heating and air man came to check on the air carriers and he thought you did a great job!!!!! Thank you again!

-Susan and Carl

Very easy to work with. Professional. After the hurricane in 2017, we had Turners Underseal install a dehumidifier as well as clean and seal the wood in our crawlspace. We feel like it has been a great addition to preserving our historical home.

-Heidi A.

Turners Underseal is excellent. They have excellent customer service and courteous workers. Their workers not only completed the installation on schedule but did an excellent job cleaning up afterward

-John C.

We used Turners Underseal to remove fiberglass insulation and treat our crawlspace with a safe, wood sealant moisture barrier. Chris and his team were professional and dependable.

-Laura S.

My dehumidifier system in the crawlspace was installed about 18 months ago. I contacted Mr. Turner after moving into my home (renovated, ~ 95 years old) when I found moisture in my closets and a general mildewy smell throughout the house. He came, inspected my home and sat with me for some time, discussing the problem and the proposed solution. The dehumidifier system was installed the next week. At the 12-month mark, he returned to service the system. I’ve been thrilled with the results: minimal moisture within my home and clean air. The company was very easy to work with as well.

-Jill M.

We live on the river at San Jose Blvd. We built the house years ago and always had water problems, but after Irma, the problems only got worse. We found Turners Underseal, and they came out to do an evaluation. We had them do their wood sealing in the two attics and then put their ducted dehumidifier units in the second floor and the basement. It’s been very successful; the humidity now is below 50%. They were very professional. I would recommend them to anyone who has a similar problem.

-John and Harriet L.

I was very happy with dry crawlspace system. The musty odors and mold went away, and I can breathe much better in my home now. It has been two years, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone with a crawlspace.

-Lanny R.

We have an Avondale home built in 1936, and it definitely had odors. My house smells so much better since the crawlspace treatment. Thank you so very much! I am breathing so much better after two days. I am so very pleased and would recommend Turners Underseal to anyone.

-Lanny and Liz A.

After just a few weeks, my floors have settled back to their original position. The air in the house is better, and we are very satisfied with their work.

-Nick T.

Being a professional engineer registered in North and South Carolina, I have inspected many crawlspaces for structural and foundation issues. In doing so, I have observed spaces under houses that were wet, mold-infested, and had falling insulation and rotting girders, joists and subflooring. The system Chris uses is a different approach than an encapsulated crawlspace. He uses a dehumidifier that keeps the moisture at a constant level and does a great job of sealing the membrane at seams and interface points. It really is a step above any system that just “seals” the crawlspace.

-Doc B.

Turners Underseal has done several systems I have seen working in the construction field. All of them have been very successful in what I have viewed and experienced. I would recommend having them look at your crawlspace and see if they can be of help.

-Darin C.

Turners Underseal came to our home in Nash County to seal our crawlspace and install a dehumidifier. After years of moisture problems in the crawlspace, it will now stay dry and make our home more energy efficient. Great job!

-Kristie M.

The owner is great and explains your options very clearly. The services are guaranteed and your crawlspace is no longer a problem.

-Colleen G.

Within 2 days, could notice a difference in the crawlspace. Very happy with the work done!

-Robert N.

We looked at crawlspace encapsulation and ruled it out, because we knew it would eventually leak and trap mold. We decided to go with the dry system from Turners Underseal. Their system is very impressive. We have a large remodeled historical home with large crawlspace in Raleigh and wanted the best to protect this property.

-Jay B.

I highly recommend Turners Underseal & the system they use to reduce moist air in the crawlspace. Chris is very easy to work with & always shows up on time.

-Jessica J.

I have (soon to be had) a Bungalow in Avondale that was having moisture issues in the crawlspace. I had Turners Underseal install a dehumidifier and complete the underseal treatment, and it worked great. The crawlspace conditioning was a great sell point as well. I have also recently moved to a new home in the San Jose area (new to me, but older construction), which Chris and his team are going to treat and dehumidify as well. Chris is well-versed in air quality issues in a home and had a solution for all my issues. I also had a regional crawlspace “expert” quote the job before I called Turners Underseal, and they essentially just read a brochure to me (as well as quoting a cost that exceeded the price of a well-equipped mid-sized car).

-Drew M.

Turners Underseal system made a big difference in the humidity in my home. The cupping on the wood floors has also settled down. It’s also great knowing the wood in my crawlspace is protected from the wood treatment applied and by being kept drier. Beforehand, I was struggling to keep humidity below 50% even with portable dehumidifiers throughout my home and AC. Chris did an awesome job from the start with inspecting my crawlspace, going through findings and explaining what the Underseal system can offer to help resolve the issue with no pressure. Everything went smoothly through scheduling the work to completion. I am so glad I went with Turners and would recommend them for addressing issues like I had with my crawlspace. Thanks.


Turners Underseal installed a dry system in a crawlspace for me. Work was done quickly and on budget. Good job.

-Brian E.

One of my condo accounts in the Riverside area sustained extensive damages due to Irma. Turner Underseal cleaned out all debris and installed 2 commercial dehumidifiers that have made a remarkable difference for the residents. Prior to the install of dehumidifiers, owners complained of musky odors and breathing issues. I would recommend Turners Underseal.

-Rozelle P.

Turners Underseal has been a great company to work with. Professional and prompt from start to finish. Chris answered all my questions and educated me on crawlspace air handling. The air ducts and dry system have made an immediate difference in our home’s comfort. The musty smell is gone, and the air is fresh and dry. I give them the highest recommendation.

-Kc B.

We recently relocated and found a house we were interested in. When I looked at the crawlspace, much to my surprise, Chris Turner’s company had it cleaned up very professionally. I was in awe of the quality of the work. The crawlspace liner wood sealing was done very, very professionally. That helped me make an affirmative decision to go ahead and purchase that piece of property.

-Lem C.