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DR: John Lovejoy Says:

Turners Underseal put a dehumidifier in my crawl space to combat the ever present moisture. We moved into our house 5 years ago and have had sinus issues along with a cough and runny nose since we moved in. Chris tested for moisture and mild in the crawl space and felt like this method would make a substantial difference. He was right! We can already tell the changes in the air quality. The moisture is now around 50% in the crawl space and the air quality in the house reflects it. You should call Chris so he can give you the same service...very happy!
The sheriff and county administrator of St. Augustine are big fans of Turners Underseal

We had previously had our crawlspace encapsulated. Recently we had Turners Underseal come in to treat and seal some subflooring with some sort of growth on it. They also cleaned up and sanitized some debris that was trapped above the encapsulation. The odor is now gone from our home and it smells much better.  Jan Sweeney  Ortega

It's been almost a year since the Dry Installation of Turners Underseal. It's kept everything healthy and dry, it works!  Andy and Danielle Nichols  Avondale

We live on the river on San Jose Blvd. We built the house years ago and always had water problems, but after IRMA the problems only got worse.  We found Turners Underseal and they came out to do an evaluation. We had them do their wood sealing in the 2 attics and then put their ducted dehumidifier units in the second floor and the basement. It's been very successful; the humidity now is below 50%. They were very professional. I would recommend them to anyone who has a similar problem.  Dr. John Lovejoy

It has been over a year since the installation and everything is dry. It works really well.  Adams Ropp   Ortega

Since three weeks after the installation, the plank wood flooring in the dining room  is 99% back to level!  John Cassidy Ortega

The installation of the crawlspace dry system was a really good investment. It worked and we are very happy sense the Feb. 2018 job. Ginny Myrich  San Marco

We recently had our crawlspace treated by Turners Underseal which included the dehumidifier system and modifications. Since the service, all four condo owners have noticed a big improvement in cleaner dryer air in the units. It is just fantastic.  Rozelle Perry, Property Manager Etta Condos, Riverside

We have a newer home in Middleburg and had spray foam inthe entire home and crawlspace. Even so, our wood floors started warping noticeably. I heard the radio ad and had Turners Underseal install their dry system in the crawlspace. I worked - the floor is much better and if feels dryer. We are very happy we did it.  Gilbert Wood  Middleburg

It's been over a year since Turners Underseal installed the dry system and everything is dry, no more problems with the wood floors, and our home smells really great.  Allen Lewis Avondale

Being aware of excessive moisture from the river, we contacted Turner Underseal and after a thorough explanation by Chris Turner concerning the effectiveness of below grade de-humidifiers, manner of installation and cost, we authorized the placement of two permanent units. The work was efficiently and professionally performed by his knowledgeable craftsmen. The result has met all expectations in keeping the area dry and clean.  David Foerster

Since Turners Underseal treated the wood  and installed the dehumidifier system in our crawlspace, the odor in our home is gone. Thank you,   Ken Every     Avondale

When we bought our home a few years ago we noticed the house was damp and mildew was growing on some furniture. We decided to put closed cell foam in the crawlspace floor. Unfortunately that did not solve the problem. Finally, we found out about Turners Underseal dehumidifier system. We now have the system installed permanently in the crawlspace to keep the space dry.  Reggie and Rita Walden  Avondale

We had a very musty odor one big area of our home. It only took days after Turners Underseal installed the dehumidifier system that the odor was eliminated and if feels much dryer. They did a great job. Jack Ruff   Riverside  (4 houses from the river)

We were very pleased with the very professional work done for us by Turners Underseal.  Thank you,  Dr. Berdy

I now know dirt crawl spaces are unhealthy. I didn’t know it before. Chris Turner fixed our crawl space and cleaned and sealed all the wood. Our family has had health issues that we now know could have been related to the space.
Thank you Chris Turner for helping us take care of our air quality problems at one of our bank branches and our home.
-Chuck Haley
-Bank President

It's been 1 year since the dehumidifier and wood sealer installation. The swollen floor has settled back down and the whole house feels much better and dryer. - Joan McNish Jacksonville

The dampness under our house was causing disgusting growth on the wood under the house. Turners Underseal did a great  job of removing the very old insulation, installing the special dehumidifiers, then cleaning and sealing the wood under the house. They were very efficient and great to work with. I recommend them highly.   Jean Coker   San Marco

The house definitely smells better since the crawlspace treatment.  The workers were very efficient and worker hard. Even though a burst irrigation pipe put water in the crawlspace, they kept going and got the water out quickly.  They were conscientious and made it a very good experience.

-Frances Pollei  Avondale

Turners Underseal explained everything very thoroughly about my crawlspace and I was very concerned because I am on the river. They did exactly what they said they would do. The crew was wonderful to work with. They really worked when they were there. Working with you was a very pleasant experience. I now feel I have a healthy crawlspace.

-Joy Lamb     Avondale

The crawlspace was very damp and damaged our wood floor. Turners Underseal's crew was very good, showed up on time, and solved the problem. Before the wood treatment the house was very musty and after the wood treatment there was no smell.     Allen Lewis  Avondale

We had a damp, very tight crawlspace in Avondale.  Turners Underseal has been great to work with to solve the problem. They were punctual and did an overall great job.  They treated all the subflooring and sealed the wood and dehumidified.  Phillip  in Avondale

Our house had been damp and musty, especially over the last five years. I was even wiping mold off  of the first floor walls. It was not healthy at all. After Turners Underseal crawlspace treatment, there was no more mold on the walls, the house stays dry,  it smells great and it's healthy.

Larry and Mollie Rolfe       Riverside

Chris, What a great experience dealing with Turners Underseal and your professional crawl space team. I heard no complaints when it was determined my crawlspace was very tight. They did an outstanding job taking out all of the old wet insulation through the small crawl entrance. Then, to clean and seal all the under joists back to a new condition and at the same time, put a new, well fitting, liner under the house.  You know, living on the river has its own special challenges, specially, when a hurricane comes along. Upon your completion, I crawled the space, what a difference, clean wood and easy crawling on the new liner, Looks and smells great.  Ron Langley  Empire Point

Good Morning!  Here is the testimonial I would like to share regarding your services!  I live in a 90 year old house that was experiencing extreme humidity. I called many different companies asking for their assistance in fixing the problem; every company told me that they could not fix the problem and that I needed to call someone else.

I called Turners Underseal on a Wednesday afternoon and explained my issue. Mr. Turner called me right back and has an appointment scheduled to come and check it out within 48 hours.  He came out and diagnosed that the problem was my crawlspace. He was able to thoroughly explain the process of fixing my crawlspace.  They started the work the following Monday and were done within the week.

After the first day of having my dehumidifier installed, I already have a noticeable difference in the humidity level. It has made my drywall stop cracking, my carpet is no longer damp, and there are no musty odors in my house.

I'm so thankful that Turner's Underseal was able to quickly and efficiently fix a problem that many others just passed off.  I would definitely recommend Turners Underseal to anyone who wants a healthier crawlsapce and a less humid house!              -Katie Penkala     Jacksonville

Chris Turner and crew,
Thank you for the outstanding job that you did on our crawlspace. You all worked so well in such a tight place. The heating and air man came to check on the air carriers and he thought you did a Great Job!!!!!
-Thank You Again, Susan and Carl


We just had our crawlspace treated by Chris Turner. The work was done professionally and timely. My wife and I have been suffering from the bad air that has gone on for quite some time. Your remediation process along with the crawlspace liner has removed the contaminants and humidity making our home much safer. We are very pleased and would recommend the process to others who have a damp crawlspace with musty odors. It was well worth the investment.
-Tom and Bev Berardo


“We recently relocated and found a house we were interested in. When I looked at the crawlspace, much to my surprise, Chris Turner’s company had it cleaned up very professionally. I was in awe of the quality of the work. The crawlspace liner wood sealing was done very, very professionally. That helped me make an affirmative decision to go ahead and purchase that piece of property.”
-Lem Clark

"We used Turners Underseal to remove fiberglass insulation and treat our crawlspace with a safe, wood sealant moisture barrier. Chris and his team were professional and dependable."

-Laura S.

"We have an Avondale home built in 1936 and it definitely had odors. My house smells so much better since the crawlspace wood sealer treatment. Thank you so very much! I am breathing so much better after two days. I am so very pleased and would recommend Turners Underseal to anyone.

Lanny and Liz    Avondale

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