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Crawlspace encapsulation is intended to protect your home and its foundation from moisture issues, like mold, but it has many problems that can be hidden from the homeowner! Other options only deal with part of the problem and may actually cause more harm than good. Our multi-point dry air distribution system is a better solution compared to standard encapsulation, traditional vapor barriers, or other crawlspace remedies and we want you to learn more about what we can do for you and your home.

How to keep your crawlspace dry

Failed encapsulation and customer wants it removed and replaced with our Dry System.

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Don't waterproof, use our multi-point dry system

Our dry crawlspace system is far superior to traditional crawlspace sealing or encapsulation.


Home crawlspace built in swamp area

Moldy crawlspace with stringy wet insulation.


2 custom dehumidifying units in a large crawlspace

At turners Underseal, we protect the integrity of Manufactured Homes through our Crawl space Dry system

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Here’s why our approach is far superior to other options:

Our Multi-point Dry Air Distribution System keeps the entire crawlspace dryer and safer by:

  • Actually removing the moisture before it can cause damage
  • Disrupting the ability for mold to grow and cover the wood and other surfaces
  • Designing custom ductwork to strategically distribute the dry air throughout the crawlspace
  • Allowing drainage to occur naturally when necessary
  • Installing a thicker, puncture-resistant liner that controls evaporation levels
  • Eliminating the creation of a ‘toxic stew’ from trapped moisture behind a plastic barrier
  • Reducing odors created by moisture and bacteria that can infiltrate your home
  • Utilizing an exclusive sound suppression system for quiet operation
  • Rather than relying on the old vents for your crawlspace that draw in moist air, our methods treat and clean the air, ensuring it won’t harm the living areas above or allow for continued mold growth in your space.

Get better results for your crawlspace than those you can achieve with crawlspace encapsulation or other options! Learn more about our processes and why our dehumidifying methods protect your crawlspace better. Contact us today!