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Is it a Miracle?.................

Susan just called. She had been previously diagnosed with mold illness including sinus headaches. After having our Crawlspace Dry System installed three months ago, she now says that she has not had a single headache since.  Victory!

We just finished a Dry Crawlspace job at a home off of Falls of Neuse Rd. This crawlspace was extremely damp and dripping off ductwork like crazy. Today is Sunday and I went inside it to take pictures. Oh! it smells much better and it is completely dry. Our installer, Luis is fantastic.

Luis says that he loves our dry crawlspace system so much that he doesn't watch much football anymore. He really enjoys watching his guys fix the crawlspaces and take out bad insulation much more.

Heather at W.W. Builders just informed us that the home we installed The Dry system in Ortega for them has been what seems to be a miracle. The absolutely nasty wood floor cupping has completely settled down to where you can't even tell it had a problem in just 3 weeks!

I just stopped by a residential job site that Karl Hague with the mold remediation company was doing insurance work for a slow bathroom leak that did extensive damage to the floor above the crawlspace. He said the damage was much worse because of the spray foam on the subfloor that kept water and moisture on the wood. He said that if there was no spray foam and it had our Dry System the damage would have been much less.

KC Bell says: "Turners Underseal has been a great company to work with. Professional and prompt from start to finish-Chris answered all my questions and educated me on crawlspace air handling. The air ducts and dry system have made an immediate difference in our homes comfort. The musty smell is gone, and the air is fresh and dry. I give them the highest recommendation."

Great news, we just checked the humidity in David Foerster's crawlspace because the wood flooring guy wants to redo the floor on the 1st floor. We put the dehumidification system in the crawlspace a year ago and everything feels dry and registers very dry. This system works every time.

Indoor Air Quality tip:  Always use semi-gloss paint on the walls of your bathrooms for better air quality.

FYI: Encapsulated crawlspaces have an inherent flaw. Because they are not sealed, (they have tiny holes in the liner, seam tape, around piers and walls) microbial colonies can multiply in areas underneath the liner and then release toxins and odors into the crawlspace and in the house.

We are getting fantastic results from the Installation of our Commercial Crawlspace Dehumidification System. Due to year around humidity from dirt crawlspaces in our area, our dehumidifiers improve air quality for the entire home. Keep it dry from the bottom up.

Did you know that moisture pouring into your home from the dirt crawlspace is a major cause of wood floor cupping? Your air conditioning system also has to work harder because of the moisture.

"One thing that I have noticed directly after we have applied Turners Underseal wood sealer in crawlspaces is how much better everything smells."  Chris Turner

Here is another very good reason never to put spray foam insulation in a crawlspace.  If  termites, especially the aggressive Formosan termites were to infest the subfloor, an inspector would never be able to see the evidence with the wood covered in foam.

Recent incoming call from Corey:  "Please call me back about your Turners Underseal system. I have a house on the river and have a problem with high ground  water especially this time of the year with high tides. All of the foundation companies I talked to want to encapsulate. Your website says that's not a good thing to do. I have heard that from other people too, but all the foundation companies - that's all they want to do. I want to do the right thing. And your wood sealer also looks promising, so please call me."