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Breathe easier when your indoor air purification starts underneath your home – in your crawlspace.

Did you know that the air quality inside your home is often worse than the outside air? The filter on your HVAC system can only do so much as it recycles the same air over and over through your home. As building practices have improved, homes have become more energy efficient because of better seals around windows and doors. This is great for your monthly energy bill, but it is not as good for your air quality because it means that much less air is exchanged from inside to outside on a regular basis.

Air Purification

So, how can you improve your air purification methods? One way is to purchase an air purifier for your home. An air purifier contains filters and operates around the clock to clean the air in your home. But an even more effective method of air purification for your home is to improve the air quality of the air in your crawlspace. Up to 50% of the air in your home was in the crawlspace at some point, and while crawlspaces are great for allowing easy access to plumbing and HVAC systems underneath your subfloor, they are also a potential problem area.

Crawlspaces tend to be warm, dark and moist – the perfect place for mold to grow. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce crawlspace moisture and improve air purification before the air ever comes into your home. At Turners Underseal, we offer our complete dry air system that combines specialized dehumidifiers with an advanced liner and other steps needed to dry out your crawlspace. Call today to learn more about our unique method or to schedule a free honest estimate.

At Turners Underseal, we offer air purification services in Jacksonville, Florida, as well as Waynesville and Asheville, North Carolina.