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Let us dry out your crawlspace.

If your home was built with a crawlspace, it is very important that you have it inspected and take the necessary steps to maintain a dry crawlspace that is free of moisture. Crawlspaces typically house your ventilation system and allow easier access to plumbing and fixtures, and if the floor is made of dirt, the soil will more than likely remain damp from the water table below. Without proper waterproofing, your crawlspace can become a breeding ground for mold and expose your family to hazardous air conditions. Mold spores have a way of getting into the ventilation system in your home, and even though your crawlspace seems separated from the rest of the home, the air can become mixed together. The presence of mold can cause respiratory problems and a host of other health problems.

Dry Crawlspace in Jacksonville, Florida

That’s why we offer a variety of services to maintain a dry crawlspace. When we come to your Jacksonville, Florida home, the first thing we will do is determine what needs to be done by inspecting your wood and joists for moisture. If we find signs of moisture, we will install specialized dehumidifiers and liners to ensure that your crawlspace is dry and mold-free going forward. If your insulation shows signs of mold, we will recommend that it be removed and new insulation installed. We will then install thick plastic sheeting throughout the crawlspace.

How to keep your crawlspace dry

When we are finished, you can feel confident that you have a dry crawlspace and that your home is safe and free of moisture and mold. For more information about the services we offer regarding your crawlspace, please give us a call at Turners Underseal today!

At Turners Underseal, we help customers achieve dry crawlspaces in Jacksonville, Florida, as well as Waynesville and Asheville, North Carolina.