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Crawlspaces are a common feature on homes of all ages. They make maintaining plumbing and HVAC systems much easier. They can also help with home ventilation. However, crawlspaces can be problem areas in your home. They tend to be warm and moist – in other words, the perfect environment for mold growth. One strategy that has been used to correct this problem is called crawlspace encapsulation (or crawlspace waterproofing). This method relies on the installation of a large liner that covers the entire bottom of the crawlspace. Often the sides and pillars receive coverings as well. The problem with this so-called crawlspace waterproofing is that moisture is naturally occurring in the soil and air, so it is basically impossible to block it all out.

Crawlspace Waterproofing

At Turners Underseal, we approach the problem differently. Instead of trying to achieve total crawlspace waterproofing, we block a significant amount of the moisture with an advanced liner that covers a large portion of your crawlspace and pair this strategy with specialized dehumidifiers to keep moisture levels under control in the short and long term. Reducing the humidity level is important because it reduces the likelihood of mold growth. Mold can cause health issues, but it can also damage the structural integrity of your home by growing into the joists. It can cause HVAC issues, rotting wood and floor issues like buckling.

Our approach also continuously improves the air quality of the air in your crawlspace, which is important to the air quality in your home. As much as 50% of the air in your home went through the crawlspace to get there. To learn more about our unique method and better results, give us a call today.

At Turners Underseal, we offer a superior alternative to crawlspace waterproofing in Jacksonville, Florida, as well as Waynesville and Asheville, North Carolina.