Crawlspace Sealing, Waynesville, NC

Prevent mold growth in your home when you control the moisture levels in your crawlspace.

There’s no such thing as effectively waterproofing a crawlspace. Other companies will try to cover the bottom, sides, and pillars of your crawlspace with tarp-like liners to prevent mold in one of the most commonly moldy areas of your home, but that doesn’t prevent the natural moisture buildup from the soil or the moisture in the air. Here at Turners Underseal, we discovered that you can’t block the moisture and humidity with a tarp to prevent mold, but you can clean and treat it. That’s why we offer our services for crawlspace sealing and dehumidification in the Waynesville, North Carolina area.

Crawlspace Sealing in Waynesville, North Carolina

With crawlspace sealing services, we will still apply a protective liner on the ground, like the encapsulation or waterproofing methods, but we use a three-ply hydrophobic liner that will more effectively maintain the moisture levels. We then pair that with sealed vents and a specialized dehumidifier that effectively reduces and controls the moisture and humidity levels in your crawlspace. We will also inspect your crawlspace for any mold or moisture damage before applying the crawlspace sealing. If there are any signs of moisture buildup or mold in the wood, joists, or insulation we will remove any contaminated materials and clean and dry any spots of moisture damage. This way, you can keep your space dry and mold-free with the reduced moisture and humidity.

Our crawlspace sealing and dehumidification methods are also effective for preventing the spread of excess moisture into your foundation, drywall, flooring, and other materials in your home that could have led to mold, pest infestations, or other moisture damage had it been left poorly maintained. Unlike the encapsulation or waterproofing methods, you can rest comfortably knowing you’ll have a cleaner, drier, and better-smelling crawlspace.

Get a better control on the moisture levels in your crawlspace and prevent mold in your home when you give us a call today.

At Turners Underseal, we offer a superior alternative to crawlspace sealing in Jacksonville, Florida, as well as Waynesville and Asheville, North Carolina.