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Let us get rid of your crawlspace odor.

Many of us enjoy spending time outside on our deck or patio, but if you notice an odor like a wet dog every time you venture out, it may be time to have your crawlspace inspected. A damp crawlspace can emit all types of odors, and what you are smelling isn’t just unpleasant– it can actually be harmful. The odor you are smelling is likely mold, and not only does it have the potential to damage your home, but you could also be breathing in mold spores. Here at Turners Underseal, we have a unique process that will dry out your crawlspace and, in turn, eliminate¬†your crawlspace odor.

Crawlspace Odor in Jacksonville, Florida

In the in Jacksonville, Florida area, humidity can cause a lot of issues in a crawlspace. With up to fifty percent of the air in your living area coming from your crawlspace, you want to be sure that the air is clean and safe. While no crawlspace is technically ever fully waterproof, our process actually deals with the moisture that naturally comes into the space by utilizing specialized, ducted dehumidifiers that dry and clean your air, ensuring that your living space is free of moisture and mold. Installation of a three-ply hydrophobic liner paired with our multi-point, dry-air distribution system controls the moisture levels in the crawlspace and gets rid of the crawlspace odors that can lurk there.

In order to protect your family and property, we recommend reaching out to us if you are noticing a crawlspace odor on your property. We can perform the necessary work in order for you to have a clean and dry crawlspace with our unique system that is far more effective than traditional crawlspace encapsulation. Please give us a call today!

At Turners Underseal, we help get rid of crawlspace odors in Jacksonville, Florida, as well as Waynesville and Asheville, North Carolina.