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We apply a dry-air distribution system to eliminate moisture in the crawlspace.

The crawlspace within a home often provides access to the various components and systems that keep air flowing and water moving. However, since this area sits below the ground level, it’s also a prime location for moisture to accumulate, which can cause damage throughout the rest of the house. Protecting your crawlspace is the best way to reduce the risk of damage, and our team at Turners Underseal can provide this service in your Greenville, North Carolina home.

Crawlspace in Greenville, North Carolina

Although many providers in the area only offer a single method for reducing the risk of moisture damage (known as crawlspace encapsulation), we take a different approach that involves dehumidifying the space. Our methods are better than crawlspace encapsulation because they address the problem more effectively. We apply a dry-air distribution system to eliminate moisture in the crawlspace. The process also includes the application of a three-ply hydrophobic liner that controls moisture levels within this critical space in the home.

By taking a more effective approach to crawlspace protection, we can help reduce the risk of moisture damage and the other problems that come along with moisture. A crawlspace with uncontrolled humidity will often attract pest infestations, as it provides them with direct access to water and warmth. Moisture can also spread from the crawlspace to your living space, impacting the drywall, flooring, and other materials. Take action now by contacting us to get your space protected more effectively, and we’ll provide you with a cost estimate for the service we provide.

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